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The AP firmware 11.0.016 has been released for Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). This pattern update has a fix for the recently discovered Wi-Fi vulnerabilities AKA FragAttacks.  In addition to the patch, this update contains a few bug fixes to improve your overall Wi-Fi experience.  

Maintenance Release


  • NAF-54 FragAttacks fixes for APX
  • NAF-53 Mesh APX rebooting randomly, thus creating outages
  • NAF-37 Wireless: CVE-2020-14386 and CVE-2020-10732 in Linux kernel

SFOS Firmware Version:

This release is available to SFOS firewalls running the following firmware versions:

  • SFOS v18.5 GA and newer
  • SFOS v18.0 GA and newer
  • SFOS v17.5 MR12 and newer

Install Instructions

  • On Sophos Firewall web UI, navigate to Backup & Firmware > Pattern Updates.
  • If AP firmware version is older than this release, click Update Pattern Now
  • When ready to deploy new firmware to connected Access Point devices, click Install.
  • Access Point devices will be rebooted during the firmware installation process

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