We are adding two additional 2.5G models to the Sophos Switch portfolio of network access layer switches. These will be available to order from June 14, 2022. 

Newer Wi-Fi standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, which support speeds above 1 Gbps, are driving the demand for higher performance, more scalable network infrastructure to avoid creating bottlenecks in the future. 

Switch Models  

This release includes two new switch models, each with a combination of PoE-capable 1G and 2.5G ports plus SFP+. 


  • 8 x 2.5 GE and 16 x 1 GE PoE-capable ports (802.3af/802.3at) plus 4 x 1G/10G SFP+ ports. Full Power-over-Ethernet support, total PoE budget 410W. 



  • 16 x 2.5 GE and 32 x 1 GE PoE-capable ports (802.3af/802.3at) plus 4 x 1G/10G SFP+ ports. Full Power-over-Ethernet support, total PoE budget 740W 


For full details of all available features, please see sophos.com/switch


Supportability Enhancements 

Remote assistance using CLI and GUI : The customer can now share the remote access token with Sophos support and the team can analyse or debug customer issues more effectively using switch CLI access and switch local UI access. This feature provides quicker issue resolution. 


Security Improvements 

Strong password policy: Sophos Switch login is now enhanced with higher complexity in the unique password that was provided as part of the product and also allows customers how to create a stronger password when generating new user credentials. This will enhance login security.  




Known issues 


Issue Key 



CENTRAL UI: Cloud UI - Copper port speed config is not matching with requirement for CS210-24FP/48FP models 


CENTRAL UI: Admin can create multiple sites with same name (should not be allowed) 


CENTRAL UI:  Switch alerts count in summary page is limited to max 100, even though real alerts are more. 


CENTRAL UI: Diagnostics: Switch Web UI redirect links are not navigating to specific Local web UI page 


CENTRAL UI: Locally configured VLANs will not be synced to the central 


LOCAL UI: Not allowed to add Dashes/Underscores in VLAN name 


LOCAL UI: The device UI only shows the uplink indicator only for standalone ports, it doesn't show it if the port are part of a LAG 


LOCAL UI: Uplink tick is not displayed when the gateway’s MAC address expires from the ARP cache 


LOCAL UI: Sometime SFP port link status is not getting update for CS210-24FP 


POE: Port MGMT: CLOUD UI uplink port identification is not updated in some conditions 


CLI: Password rules not documented/explained to user 


CLI: Invalid special characters are allowed to configure through CLI