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Sophos mobile IOS mail app error there is no configuration data for the app

I have a user that entered this mail passode to many times so it dispalyed a message to contact the administrator to reset the Sophos container password, which I did. Now the user has the error displayed "There is no configuration data for the app".

The Sophos Mobile Control displays all green on the IOS device. The central dashboard displays the status as all checked even the email access. I tried re-applying the device and container policies all sucessfull but it doesn't solve the error. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. No difference. 

I read in an older forum message that the reset container password also deletes the encryption key associated with the old password. Entering a new password should create a new one but you never get to that point due to the error.

 Sophos Secure Email loses configuration after password reset 

How do you reconfigure the mail app?

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