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MDM can't install apps from Managed Play Store, wants Google account


we're trying to set up MDM for several new Phones with Android 13. The whole management is working and has worked for years, with over 100 phones. But these new ones suddenly cause issues.

1. The installation works fine, Android Enterprise and Sophos Mobile Control are installed.

2. Additional apps should be automatically installed through Managed Google Play Store. However, this does not happen. In MDM, it says "Installation Task was sent to Google "

3. When opening the Google Play Store, it does not open the Managed Google Play Store, but apparently the normal one, which then asks for a Google account

4. There is a message stating the device was logged out of the Google account and to login again. In the email field, it says "Android Enterprise", and this cannot be changed, when tapping in that field, no keyboard appears.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? It can't be an issue with Android 13, as we have other Android 13 devices that work.

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