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bring back anti-theft in intercept x for mobile

Once upon a time when it was still called Sophos Mobile Security, there were anti-theft features in the app such as remote locate and wipe by sending an SMS from a trusted contact listed in the app's configuration. Then it was later removed because Google made changes about SMS permissions (amon other things) in the Android operating system. I think this was back in 2018.

Somewhat recently (think it waas around last yeaar), I noticed that my ESET Mobile Security included a feature to scan SMS for malicious stuff, which of course required me to turn on SMS permission to enable it. I use ESET on my other phone because it is a Go Edition (and unfortunately, Sophos dropped support for Android Go some time during the pandemic if I recall it right). So it looks like that change done by Google back in 2018 is gone now.

Given this, is there any chance that Sophos would consider bringing back those old anti-theft features? Ever since those were removed, I had no choice but to use a free MDM just to have that capability on the phones I manage at home and I don't even find it reliable because (just like everyone else in the industry) remote management commands relied on an internet connection to reach the asset. The feature design which uses SMS to trigger remote management actions was what set Sophos apart from the others back then.

So Sophos, will you bring back that feature?

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