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SOPHOS Mobile Control in SOPHOS Central - Edit Phone Name

Hi All,

Just working through the SOPHOS Mobile 9.7 in SOPHOS Central. I have imported my devices via 'csv' and have begun enrolling them. I have noticed that when I go into a device and select edit the name field is the only filed I want to edit and cannot. I assumed this may be becasue I have the restriction set for users to not be allowed to edit the device name. I turned this off and forced a sync and it has not appeared to make any difference.the only way I have found to be able to edit the device name is by adding it to the 'csv' before import. So My Question is - Is there something I am missing when it comes to editing a device name in the SOPHOS Mobile Control? Thanks for any assistance, I feel we should be able to 'Control" the dang device name in SOPHOS Control, but...

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