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Intercept X for Android - App PIN

Anyone else in the curious and unexpected situation wherein their Intercept X app pin no longer works? I have called Sophos in a few locations on and off shore and I get no straight answers and get referred to the online community. I set up Intercept X via the google play store, never registered an account, yet set PIN numbers. Now my PIN no longer work and I cannot access any Android settings and my Microsoft authenticator will not open unless I enter the PIN. I have had confirmation I am not the only one in this boat and cannot find a single useful resource on this. It does appear if I pay for premium services I have an easy out... seems like Ransomware as a Service to me. I am making enquiries to the Australian ACCC in regard to this which is a disappointing last resort as not one Sophos agent could provide a straight answer. I love the Sophos product yet this is disappointing. 

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  • UPDATE: I have no idea what has actually gone down here... After several attempts the last few days to remove the app and no joy, it would seem after playing a game of dial and bark I have been able to uninstall Intercept X for Android without a PIN.

    *sigh of relief*

    I would suggest that people still use this app as I think it is fantastic in general. Having said that, my advice is setting a pattern rather than a PIN... much harder to corrupt a pattern at a low level. 

    Crack on! 

    Thanks everyone... luv u buh bye.

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