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Policies don't work anymore when adding a device

After the last Sophos Mobile Control update policies don't seem to be transferred anymore. Before the update policies for wifi, password strength and email were set when adding a new device. After the update the wifi is not connected and I have to add it manually. Email accounts and settings are not preloaded and the password strength is at basic setting.

This is currently a big problem, especially the password strength. Re-transferring the policies doesn't help.

Does anybody have the same issues?

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  • Not sure if this is the reason

    - issue on Android, not with iOS

    - Android version 8 or higher

    - latest Sophos Mobile Control

    - running on Sophos Central

    Regards, Jelle

    Sophos XG210-HA (SFOS 18.0.4) on SG210 appliances with Sandstorm and 1x AP55
    Sophos Central with Intercept X Advanced, Device Encryption, Phish Threat, Mobile Control Advanced

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