We are pleased to confirm that iOS 16 and Android 13 are fully supported in Sophos Mobile. Please ensure devices are running the latest versions of the Sophos Mobile apps to ensure compatibility.

  • Hello,

    Sorry, but that is not true 

    We have a hugh issue in the company, when users update their iPhone/iPad to iOS 16 (and even 16.0.2) they just lose the connection to the exchange Server (On-Premises). no mails, calendar or contacts are synchronized anymore.

    This don't happend to all devices, some users can update without any issue, some of them have the issue

    The only solution to fix this is to deregister the device and register it again, manually, until now more than 200 users. CATASTROPHE

  • Hello

    Please can you raise a ticket with our support team. We are not aware of any issues of this nature so that will be the best way to troubleshoot what you are encountering.



  • Hello Tom,

    I thought we are as a company should only report issue over our „service provider“ in Germany , but that is not the best service we expect

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