Sophos Email: How to report false positive or false negative spam e-mails


Hi everyone,

Check out this article that describes steps to submit spam samples and false-positives to Sophos for further analysis when using Sophos Central Email. 


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  • Thank you for sharing this article with us. I will give it a read and see if the method mentioned in this post is working or not. Thanks once again.

    1. Sign in to Sophos Central and go to Email Gateway > Logs and Reports > Message History.
    2. Click the subject of the message stored in the Message History.
    3. In the Details tab, click Report as Spam located at the top right-hand side. This option will be visible only for inbound emails and not for outbound emails. 
    4. A Report Message confirmation pop-up will appear before submission: "This email will be reported as Spam to SophosLabs. Do you want to proceed?".
    5. Click Yes, report to SophosLabs. This will result in the successful submission of spam to SophosLabs.

    This is the way to remove or stop false and spam Email.