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Configure outbound mail to sophos central from Cpanel/WHM

Hello all,

I'm having difficuties trying to setup outbound relay to sophos central from Cpanel/WHM. I have found some guide and has general ideal on whats needs to be done however I'm missing the configuration for the Smarthost via Exim.

Below are the guides that I have found:

How to Set Up a Smarthost SMTP Relay with cPanel | cPanel Blog

We would appericate if anyone can provide and advise us the smarthost connector to be used in Exim. 

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  • Hi  

    Thank you for posting into the Community page.

    For outbound emails it all depends on what it shows in your Central Email's "Configure External Dependencies". To do this, login to Central. Go to Email Security > Configure > Settings > Domain Settings/Status. 
    Click on "Configure External Dependencies" and click on "Outbound Settings". 
    This will show you what "Outbound Relay Host" you need to supply cPanel.

    BBy the way, I'm assuming that this is the mail flow:   cPanel ---> Sophos Email ---> Internet.

  • Hi thanks for the quick respond. We are noted of the relay setting however do not know how to input it into Exim in Cpanel.

    Like what are authentication setting/template and what are the setting/template for the sophos transport driver.

    And yes the mailflow is from Cpanel to Sophos Email to Internet.

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