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Outbound SPAM emails should not be deleted must be quarantine

Hi Team,

We have a problem with outgoing emails where some legitimate emails are deleted because they are marked as SPAM. 

Why are some outgoing emails marked as SPAM deleted, I have a question for Sophos. 

Why shouldn't these emails be quarantined so that the appropriate SME can release them? 

Why doesn't Sophos build an outgoing policy in Sophos Central that each client can alter based on their particular business needs? 

There is no option in the Sophos central to report outgoing SPAM emails as non-SPAM email. 

We don't receive any notification for the same even after sending the SPAM and non-SPAM emails to the Sophos lab.

 Please provide such a feature in Sophos Central so that no outgoing emails are deleted.

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  • We have more than 90 domains and close to 20 sub-estates, therefore I believe the Sophos team needs to give this function top consideration.

    And if you consider that each day we receive an excessive amount of valid outbound SPAM emails that Sophos flags as spam and deletes

    Our top management has experienced these problems, and it is impossible to submit SPAM emails to the lab team on a regular basis. Even after submitting these emails to the lab, we receive no such indication regarding whether the lab team has been added or not.

    We are affected by this problem in our business in too many ways. Please take action on this issue, Sophos.