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Emails sometimes take over 5 hours to arrive with Sophos Central Email

Hello, we have two scanners at our customer that send scans / PDFs via SMTP to

If they send scans to their own they arrive after 15 minutes to 5 hours.

If I send to an external domain, so that it does not go through the email gateway, this email arrives immediately.

All other emails arrive quickly through the Sophos gateway.

This problem exists since about Friday.

I created a new policy for this one email, without any protection and it goes through quickly again.

So the problem must be related to an update at Sophos.

Does anyone have the same problem and have a solution other than creating a new policy without function? After all, you pay for each mailbox.

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  • First of all, there is something in place called delay queue. The delay queue will be used, if the sender is actually unknown to the entire Labs and can potentially delay a email up to one hour (in a segment of 15 minutes). But this delay queue will learn based on your email traffic and likely only delay in the first days of implementation. 

    There could be a potential issue with the data center:


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