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Sophos Email Security - can users change their own password without "forgetting" their password?

We have a customer who was having trouble logging into her email security self-service portal a couple of weeks back. She entrusted us with her password while we did some troubleshooting on her issue.  After we got things worked out (self-service portal address changed or was redirected from how we told our users to access it before) she was able to get into her self-service portal, but couldn't find a way to change her password from within the portal.  There's no "change password" button.  She was going to use "Forgot password", but at the time it was broken (now fixed).  


I don't want to tell my customers they need to "forget" their password at the login screen to change their password. That's bush league (aka unprofessional). Is there a better way to have them change their password? Or does this need to be a feature request?



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