How to handle shared mailbox licensing?

My particular case is with Office365 where shared mailboxes do not require an Exchange license on Microsoft's platform. Does Sophos follow suit with email protection? How should Shared Mailboxes be added in Sophos Mail?

  • Hi,

    As far as i know, Central Email only counts "User". So basically every employee.

    Public Folder / Distribution Lists are not counted. 

    From my point of view, there are just small differences between a public folder and a shared mailbox - so i would rather count a shared mailbox as public folder. 


  • Unfortunately, it looks to me that you DO need a Sophos license for a Microsoft shared email.  This is really inconvenient for me because we create shared emails for projects and then delete them when they are done. 

    I wonder if there is another way to do this such that a shared email is configured to bypass the email gateway, thus not needing a license?

    Or another way to create a temporary email at O365 that multiple users can access?

    From , see "License Count."





    • Sophos Email is part of the standard Sophos Central trial license.
    • All customers who request a trial will also get Sophos Email.

    License count

    • Individual users requiring email security are licensable units.
    • Shared mailboxes are licensable units.
    • Mailbox aliases, Distribution Lists or Public Folders do not use licenses