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Hello Community,

We are excited to announce a new Feature coming to Sophos Email: Secure Message Policy.

This new release will allow Sophos Central Email administrators to control their encryption settings at a Policy Level allowing for more fine-grain control. Rather than the previous behavior of controlling encryption settings on a global level, we have the ability to apply on an individual domain, user, or group basis. This provides even greater control for Email Administrators. 

The rollout of this feature will require the migration of 2 settings in the Sophos Email Settings "Encryption Settings" and "Enforced TLS Connections"


During the migration, customers will notice the following banner on their dashboard.

Once the migration is complete, the aforementioned Encryption settings will no longer be visible within the Settings section,  they’ll have been migrated as "Secure Message" policies available in the Policies section.

Encryption Settings can now be controlled under Configure > Policies > Secure Message for both inbound and outbound directions. 

The new Base Policy will automatically be created to ensure any previous globally configured encryption policies are still applied and previous settings aren't affected. Any individual domains or email addresses previously configured are added to the "Include" list of said policy. 

We are also working on updating our Documentation with more details regarding these new policies.

Thank you for your patience while this is being worked on. 

Note: This feature is rollout in Phases and GA is expected by end of February