Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the General Availability (GA) for the Multiselect Option in the Self Service Portal (SSP) Quarantine.

Previously, there was no option in the self-service portal for users to select and act on multiple quarantined emails. With this enhancement, users will be able to select and take action on multiple emails in their SSP quarantine portal. Users can select one or more messages from their quarantine or select all messages at once, by checking the column header, and take one of the available actions – Release, Release & Allow, Delete and Delete & Block. For example, a user can very easily pick and release one or more good emails and delete the rest.

This capability already exists for Admin quarantine.

For further details, go to https://docs.sophos.com/central/SelfService/help/en-us/central/Selfservice/tasks/EmailQuarantineSelfService.html.

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