How to change "Base Policy - Update Management" from "Recommended" to older FTS without downgrade


we have our default "Base Policy - Update Management" policy which is applied to  most of our endpoints set to "Recommended" software package versions.

We would like to change this to latest FTS and leave the latest "Recommended" package setting only for small subset of "test" machine, so we would be able to stop the upgrade if we detect problems with the new versions.

How can we do it without causing Sophos version downgrades on all our PCs and servers?

We have brainstormed and we have an idea, but it is a bit "far fetched":

1. Enable update for default Base Policy schedule (for instance on Wednesday afternoon?)

2. Wait for new version of Endpoint package

3. When the new version is available in Sophos Central and BEFORE the next scheduled update on Wednesday, we change "Recommended" to the currently installed FTS

4. On the next cycle, we'll be one version behind. Slight smile

Is there any better way to do it? Is there any fixed schedule / weekday  for updates? 

Thank you.

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