[HIGH] Alert for Sophos Central [WRET CORP]: A malware outbreak was detected (False Positive)

Apr 10, 2023 12:25 PM
'' blocked due to category 'Advertisements & Pop-Ups'

What happened: We made more than 100 detections in 24 hours.

Where it happened: WRET1675

A couple of weeks ago I made a change to allow a couple of websites as excluded in our Global Policy. I also made an exception to allow the category of proxy websites in Sophos Central Endpoint Protection -> Policies -> Base Web Control.

I changed only what I needed to and didn't touch any other settings and now I keep getting dozens of alerts per machine of information alerts whenever websites are blocked on the web. Once these informational alerts exceeded 100 on a machine I got a malware outbreak alert email. How can I stop these informational alerts from appearing in the dozens per device?

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