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PMX 3.1.4 cannot be installed on Windows 2011 SBS (Exchange 2010)


I am having an issue installing PureMessage for Exchange version 3.1.4 in to an Exchange 2010 environment (Windows Server 2011 SBS with this version of Exchange included)
I'am receiving the following error message at the start of the installation:
Setup encountered a problem while gathering system information.
Error Details: COM error code 0x80004005: Unspecified Error
It is a reinstallation of PureMessage.

I made PMDebugLogs and in the PMDebugLogs\PMInstallUtil-***.log I found this but nothing helpful for me:

MsiUtils.cpp         pr:9092 th:19536 ln:00520 12:28:30.968 ERR       Unrecognised INSTALLSTATE: 1 - throwing E_FAIL.


MsiUtils.cpp         pr:9092 th:19536 ln:00399 12:28:33.919 ERR     0x01000000: Setup encountered an error while gathering system information.

I checked the rules and rights in the ECP and all needed rights are given for the installer person, anyway it is the domain admin exactly.



Please help me to diagnose what is the problem.


Thanky you!

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