Hotspotpage - Redirect to an second URL after login

How can I override the URL from hotspot configuration page "Redirect to URL after login", if a user checked a new added second checkbox in the Hotspot page?


checked "Terms of use" - user will "Redirect to URL after login" to URL of the configuration page (standard)

checked "Terms of use" and second checkbox  - redirect to an overriden URL

  • Hi  

    Would you please be specific and provide more details of exactly what you want to configure?

  • In reply to Jaydeep:

    The standard checkbox is "I accept the terms of use", if  "Terms of use" option in hotspot configuration is choose.

    A tick in box is necessary to enter the internet.

    I like to add a second checkbox on the wlan hotspot page, which I can easily do in the "Login page template".


    If the both checkbox are ticked, the users will forward to url which may is defined in the html template.

    If only standard checkbox "I accept the terms of use" is ticked, the users will forward to the "Redirect to URL after login"-url which I define in the hotspot configuration.

    How can define a second url in the html template?

  • In reply to nordic:

    Hi Nordic,

    Unfortunately, that is not possible. You may configure the additional checkbox in Login page template but you'll not be able to configure it to behave the way you're asked for.