"Unblocked Games" - How to block "Google sites"

I've been asked to block games for some student accounts, which I've been able to achieve through the "games" category in Filter Actions and adding a few individual domains.  What I haven't been able to block are some "unblocked games" sites, especially ones that are on "Google sites" web sites.

If someone could tell me how (if it's possible) to block specific "Google sites" web sites I would be grateful.  I prefer to encourage students to use their time wisely of their own accord, but I've been asked to do what I can to make game sites unavailable.


  • In reply to James Woakes:

    Hi and welcome to the UTM Community!

    If you are using Web Filtering in the Transparent mode, it's possible that Chrome and Android phones are accessing the server using UDP 443 instead of TCP 443.  You could create a firewall rule like 'Any -> {UDP 443} -> Internet : Drop' to force Chrome to use TCP.

    If you are using the Proxy in Standard mode (explicit proxy), you can add UDP 443 to 'Allowed Target Services' on the 'Misc' tab of 'Filtering Options'.

    In either case, you must not select 'Do not proxy HTTPS traffic in transparent mode' on the 'HTTPS' tab of the filtering Profile.

    You should now be able to block that URL effectively.

    Cheers - Bob