Sometimes very slow browsing with Opera

Hi everybody,

I'm often experiencing very slow browsing with Opera. Sometimes the browser is waiting for some server response for a minute or so before continuing. It can be that it downloaded about 1 MB of the page already. So it's clearly not a bandwidth problem.
Accessing SSL encrypted pages is not affected.

This happens with all Opera installations here. Other browsers are working fine.

On the other hand I've never experienced this behaviour using Opera at another site where another type of firewall is used for internet access. So this issue seems to be a combination of both softwares.
If I add an exception for a workstation not to be filtered by the transparent proxy it loads imediately.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Does anybody have a idea on how to isolate the problem?

All software is up-to-date:
Opera: 12.10
Astaro: 8.309
  • Not sure if you have fixed the problem. If not, try checking out any of these. We have heard similar problems while the client had issues earlier. 

    • Have you turned on Opera Turbo (Opera -> Opera Turbo)?
      If it is ON! Turn if OFF
    • Do you have any additional security software running - I mean any kinds of external firewalls?

    Let me know if it helps !