Sophos SSL VPN connects intermittently for some users on certain network connections

I'm running a pilot for about fifteen users on the Sophos SSL VPN. Most of the users work fine but a handful (including myself) are finding that access does not work all the time on certain networks. I have a laptop with the Sophos SSL VPN client installed and when on my home broadband I generally cannot get it to connect (very occasionally it works). If I reconnect my laptop to my mobile phone hotspot I get straight on every time. This tells me it's nothing to do with the laptop configuration but for some reason my home broadband is unreliable at connecting. I'm on a good internet connection at home so can't see any problem with that. I thought maybe it might be my ISP blocking the VPN but when I try with our old VPN that we are migrating off (Cisco AnyConnect connecting to a Cisco ASA) there are no problem (and have never been any). I have a few users experiencing exactly the same symptoms and the are on different ISPs. Here's a screen shot of the Sophos client log while connecting.

I'm at a loss to the cause but it will be a showstopper for migrating if I can't resolve. Any suggestions to troubleshoot?




  • Hi Colin and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Hmmm - an uncommon problem, indeed.  You're right, it does look like your broadband network is unreliable.  First, let's get some details...

    1. Version of UTM - 9.510?
    2. Is this a Sophos appliance?  If not, what NICs are in use?
    3. Port and Protocol used with SSL VPN?
    4. Is the UTM  behind any other firewall?
    5. Have you done #1 in Rulz to rule out any blocking by the UTM?

    In any case, if this is a trial, you should have access to a Sophos pre-sales engineer at no charge.  Not only are most very good, they also have access to the highest levels of the support staff.

    Cheers - Bob