Remote Clients on SSL VPN. How do we set the VPN Proxy ?

Hey, We are trialing Sophos UTM in a lab before deployment to customers. The only issue im having sofar is with VPN clients, After they connect none of our web filtering is working the users can access any webpage even those on blocklists.

This seems to be because there is no http proxy being used, I tried setting one in the VPN config and the VPN settings within the client itself but this sets the proxy on the local computer which results in the clients not being able to connect to the vpn to begin with because the proxy only exsists after they connect to the vpn.

If i manually set the proxy on the computer after the vpn is connected this fixes the filtering until the vpn disconnects after which all internet browsing stops working on the computer and it cant connect to the vpn again.

Before when we were using SSTP we set the proxy within the vpn profile itself so the system proxy settings are never changed and the proxy is only activated after connection. Is there any way to do this within the SSLVPN client ?

We are looking to do full tunnel filtered internet for clients.

  • Hi  

    If you're deploying a full tunnel(which means sending all the traffic over the SSL VPN to Internet through UTM), you can add your SSL VPN network Pool in the Web Filter profile and then select an appropriate filter policy to Filter all the traffic transparently. You have to add ANY network in the Local Networks of SSL VPN profile.

    Please note that there's no way to set up a standard proxy through SSL VPN client in your machine.

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    Great creating a new filter profile with the VPN pool sorted it. Thanks