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I apologize if this has been previously answered here or in another forum.  I am by no means as proficient as I want to be with networking and firewalls, but I am hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction.  My facility is based in the US with the majority of the IT infrastructure in Germany.  Our current connection for internal networking is via MPLS.  Locally, we installed a 50M fiber circuit with the hopes of adding a VOIP phone system.  This is where is gets tricky.  I want to get all normal internet traffic ( .com, .org., .gov, etc )to go through the 50M local circuit and anything on the company subnets to go through MPLS.  Trying to get my firewall administrators (3rd party) to accomplish that is difficult.  I was given what seems to be the firewall rules tables, and from what I can tell, it isn't remotely setup to go through our 50M circuit.  Overall, my question is what can I tell the FW admins that can get them to understand that anything 172.x.x.x= MPLS routing and everything else is through local internet provider?  

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  • Hi Edward and welcome to the UTM Community!

    When you say FW admins, are you talking about the admins for the UTM.  If so, do they have any experience with configuring the UTM using the WebAdmin GUI?  It's not unusual for a talented Cisco admin to make a salad out of a UTM configuration.

    They might want to subscribe to this community.  Since the UTM was originally created in Germany, there's a vibrant German sub-community and a forum in German.

    FWIW, an experienced UTM Engineer or Architect would know immediately how to accomplish your request easily and elegantly.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Thank you for your response.  I am referring to the UTM admins, and based off of the FW rules printout that I got, I am under the assumption that they are familiar with the WebAdmin GUI.  I hate the prospect of telling the vendor to further research their stuff, but I am  very well interested in seeking out an experienced UTM Engineer.


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