Is UTM blocking my laptop

I have been doing some work setting up a bunch of Wifi APs on this site.  This has been quite a challenge because there are multiple APs with vlan multiple SSIDs and many hidden SSIDs. At some time during this process, which has required multiple attempts at trialling connections, I have lost my internet connection even when plugging into lan port on several subnets.  

I can find nothing wrong with the laptop and can ping the UTM subnet route address but cannot get a wan connection.

Is this UTM blocking me and how do I find how to unblock.  I looked at the blocking options on the UTM but have no idea where to look.

Grateful for some help here please.



  • Hello,

    If UTM really would block your device ... it would not recognize the device if you use another network interface.

    Try to ping the subnet interface you connected to. (your def.GW)

    Try to ping another UTM-Interface.

    Try to traceroute

    Check the corresponding logfiles (Firewall-log or WebProtection log)

    Post the results here.

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    Hi and many thanks for the reply.  I am working with two laptops.  Both have behaved very strangely and one which didn't work earlier now does so I am not convinced the problem is with the UTM but the second laptop is still giving me trouble so I shall concentrate on the older one which I use for roaming testing.  I am using IBMT42 (32 bit) running Antix 19 (Debian based).

    I have management subnet connected to switch and have physical access to ports on some subnets.  (others not physically nearby.)

    I have a lan cable and can connect to these ports.  The NIC is set for dhcp. 

    I can ping the def.GW for the subnet I first plugged into.

    I can ping the def.GW for the second subnet after rebooting with copper plugged into new port.

    Ashamed to report that traceroute does not appear to be installed on the T42 and since I cannot access the internet from T42 I cannot install anything.  I have "ip route" but it doesn't tell me much

    I can see the Firewall-log but do not know what to look for, as  you can tell I am not a computer person.

    Similarly I do not know what to look for under Web Protection. 

    I would appreciate more help if you have time but my UTM is very new for me and nothing has been set up correctly.  I am learning as I go and have just about managed the subnets and their vlans on L2 switches. 



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    OK I didn't get a reply from my last post but have been trying to use the tools in the UTM and tried the Policy Help Desk.

    I found that my attempts to use the Internet on the laptop are frustrated at the name service stage, ie I can ping the website I want but cannot resolve the host/domain name. 

    The Policy Helpdesk tab allows me to try a Policy Test by requesting details of the problem internet connection and I am getting the message:-

    Client not in allowed networks

    This must be the cause of the problem but how can I remove the block please?

  • In reply to Budgie2:

    In spite of the message my problem has been in the resolv.conf of my own laptop so please forgive my alarm.

    Not the UTM after all!!!

  • In reply to Budgie2:

    I am offline for some days ...

    Great to see you solve the problem.

    Thanks for the info.