DNS hosts aren't resolved in time after DNS changes

Hello there,

since our last Update on our UTM 230 to 9.605-1 we have a DNS host resolution problem.

We are using DNS-Hosts for some DHCP-Clients in our Windows-Network.

The Client is getting an address from the DHCP-Server (Windows-Server) and the server is creating the DNS-Record.

The UTM isn't resolving the host in time (waited 30 minutes which apparently wasn't enough). When I flush the DNS-Cache on the UTM it is resolving correctly.

Until the Client gets shutdown and loses the DNS-Record, on the next Day it all starts over again.

The Default TTL for Records created by the DHCP-Server is 15 minutes and ran out Records from leases are deleted from the DNS on the Server (same as it was before).

Is there some Workaround to get this solved?


Thank you in Advance!