Sophos UTM update 9.412-2 released

Up2Date information

· Maintenance Release

· System will be rebooted

NUTM-7483 [Basesystem] Optimize LPC usage
NUTM-7564 [SUM] RED Link state is shown wrong in Gateway Manager

  • What is LPC usage ?

    For hardware or software appliances ?

    Where can we search for Bugfix numbers / KB articles ?

    Thanks in advance,


    IT Dept.

  • I'd also (very much) like to know where I can find detailed info about these fixes? Is there a way to access these NUTM articles?

  • Same question what does fixed LPC usage mean? What does LPC stand for ?

  • Same question with "Optimize LPC usage". Is this a change to the programming of the UTM? How will it affect performance/reliability?

  • In reply to joergenmohns:

    In FreeBSD, LPC is a command to use printers and print queues.

  • In reply to NashBrydges:

    But SUTM is Linux, not FreeBSD, so what is LPC on Linux?

  • In reply to Keith Hough:

    "lpc provides limited control over printer and class queues provided by the common printing system CUPS. It can also be used to query the state of print queues."

    So, we are talking what, report generation process optimization?

    Cuz we don't share printers with SUTM (even if we could) ;-p

  • In reply to Keith Hough:

    I think it has to do with the Intel C2000 processor family LPC bug, but how they fix or mitigate it in the software is beyond me.

  • Lost network usage graphs on SG210 after this update...

  • Site to site tunnel with Bind tunnel to local interface option selected is acting weird after the update. 

    traffic doesn't seem to be routing properly. 

  • Hello,


    i have problems with the rest API since the update to 9.412-2 all query are answered with Code 401. I can login to the API Explorer with username and password or with the generated token but all querys will get Code 401. Can someone confirm this or is it just a coincidence in my environment.


    greetings Ster



    After a reboot of the machine and the client, the problem is gone. Unfortunately this is now more difficult to analyze
  • Noticed a problem with mail quarantine since the upgrade. I yesterday released 5 Mails from quarantine, which were quarantined with reason "file extentsion". But the mails never leave the quarantine. They are counted as quarantined in WebAdmin -> Mail-Protection, but do not appear in Mail-Manager under the SMTP-Quarantine Tab. In the SMTP-Protocol Tab they are visible as still quarantined. I can not access these mails anywhere.

    All further releases made from quarantine later worked an work as expected, only this five mails stuck in quarantine. Any ideas?

    Regards, Jan

  • In reply to vikino:

    Are you still having an issue?


    Lost network usage graphs on SG210 after this update...