high availability status UNLINKED every time I try to set it up

hi, I'm trying to set up an HA but every time  it starts syncing then end up with an UNLINKED status 

this is the guide I followed, and this is the solution I tried so far still not working

this is the master configuration

and this is the slave configuration

this is how my configuration is setup


  • Hi  

    Do you have any LAG interfaces created on the UTM? If so, you will need to disable HA link monitoring on that LAG interface from CLI.

  • In reply to Jaydeep:

    thanks for the reply  

    no I didn't create any LAG interfaces 

  • There are some problems ... i think.

    1. The HA interface must be the same at booth firewalls.

    2. The corresponding interfaces at booth Firewall-Nodes must connect to the same Layer2 Network/Subnet (mostly)

    3. The SG-Nodes share the same MAC/IP-address for the non-HA-Interfaces

  • In reply to dirkkotte:

    1. you mean eth0 eth0, eth3 eth3?

    2. not sure what you mean by this?

    3. they can't have the same MAC address, the IP address can be assigned the same one but there will be a conflict especially for the WAN NIC

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    1. Yes, HA-Sync must be eth3 on both sides (or on another interface ... but the same on both sides).

    2. eth0 on device1 must see eth0 on device2 on layer2. The same applies to the other interfaces

    3. There is one virtual MAC per interface. Take a look at interfaces / hardware. During the failover, the virtual Mac and the IP address are sent to the second device.

    PS ... only one device is active at the same time ... with active/active HA too


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    1 & 2. ok I'll set it that way and test 

    3. ok so I should give them the same MAC address? for example, eth0 and eth0 should have the same MAC address

  • In reply to zakaria zaki:

    3. you don't have to configure this by yourself.

  • In reply to dirkkotte:

    it worked, I made sure to use the same interface plus I changed the cable between the two machines from Straight-Through to crossover
    thanks for the help