Do exceptions would for Country Blocking?

I've turned on country blocking and then made an exception but the exception continues to be blocked.

I did some searching and I found that this feature didn't work in but all those discussions were old. Does this feature still not work on 9.702-1?

  • Hi Carlos,

    I hope they work on 9.702 too, but I have to check. But in general exceptions for country blocking are not very intuitive to me. (And maybe for others too)
    So I think maybe there could be a little mistake in your rule. Your best chance is to show a screenshot here and someone can have a look at.

    Best regards 


  • In reply to Alexander Busch:

    Thank you for the response. I've attached some screencaps. I'm trying to prevent blocking of Bitdefender and my logs keep showing a country blocked for which shouldn't happen. I've tried to change the rule to add all geographical areas to rule out the possibility that it was a geolocation issue.

    It appears that Bitdefender is updating even with the country blocked so whatever is being blocked doesn't appear to interfere with use of the software but still it would be nice to figure out why it isn't working as expected.

  • In reply to CarlosNaldinho:

    I think try to deselect the country, because you already specified the external host. So no country should be selected in this rule.



  • In reply to CarlosNaldinho:

    Alexander is exactly right.   The help text is confusing; here is the simplified version:

    • If the filter is applied to an outside address, country list must be empty.   The address filter is more precise than the country, so a country list only confuses things.
    • If the filter is applied to an inside address, the country list must not be empty.   The filter provides no information about the country, so the country list must be specified.
  • Thank you both for the help.

    I removed the country and now it works.