DFS being affected by Sophos

Here at CSP we are having this issue with Sophos installed, when I uninstall Sophos and reboot the DFS link works.

At one of our sites the HUN Tech states- I’ve had about 6 new instances the last 2 days. Seems to be getting worse in many instances. Only affects the DFS link (CSP-Network link). Users are able to access networks directly by accessing the server shares (Ex: \\hunsvfp001\hun-data\) vs \\csp.local\csp-network\HUN-Data the DFS link.

Correct, when using the DFS link the end users throughout the company are sporadically being hit with the Windows Security dialog box and their username and password that won't work.

It works is the direct file path: \\Servername\folder name of those same folders.