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Safeguard Bitlocker migration to Sophos Central

Morning all,

I have picked up project at my new organization and I am looking to migrate Enterprise console to the cloud along with safe guard ( (Bitlocker) I am having no issues with the enterprise console endpoint protection however, I am having difficulties getting the encryption to migrate, I have a policies configured on the central console, on a test client I have also removed the bitlocker module from within the safeguard client, I am till being advised by the central agent that safe guard is still installed.


I really don't want to have to call all 500 machines in to decrypt and deploy the central encryption.


hope you can help, thanks in advance.

  • Hi  

    Thank you for your post. SafeGuard has 3 components that are generally deployed in order to make it work. In order to install Sophos Central managed Device Encryption, You will have to remove all 3 components as given in the below screenshot. If they are removed completely and you are still facing issues in installing Central Device Encryption, kindly please DM me and I shall assist you further with the complete uninstallation process.