Possible solution for a slew of issues around sandboxed web browsing.

Hey people,
I have discovered something that might be helpful to everybody and I can't help but share it. It is about the proper functioning of sandboxed web browsing.
What happened? Just a few days ago, when I updated Firefox and purged Sandboxie in order to have it take over the latest version, it kept updating every time I launched "Sandboxed Web Browser". I finally figured out that somehow I had two Versions of Firefox installed.
The current version and an old version Sandboxie was adressing. I went and deinstalled the old version.
After this Sandboxie could not run Firefox. I figured that, of course, the current Firefox had to be set as the default browser. So I went into the "default apps" in the windows settings and strangely enough, Microsoft didn't offer Firefox, sort of refusing it.
I kept digging, went into "Set defaults by app". There I found three entries for Firefox. Upon klicking on an entry there appeard a button "Manage" which lead me into a list titled "File Type and Protocol associations"
Not everything was set to Firefox...
I went into every entry and set everything to Firefox.
Ever since, my sandboxed web browsing works like a charm and I am thinking that this could help with other issues you may encounter or have encountered in relation to the sandboxed web browsing.
Let us hope that the transition of Sanboxie into open source works out and we can enjoy it fully in the future
Kind regards to all.