Future of Sandboxie Faced with Regular Windows 10 "Upgrades"?

I'm forced to confront the fact that Windows 7 is dead and I must migrate to Windows 10.  I've been using Sandboxie for many years on Win7 and have loved it, but I'm already seeing indications that Windows 10's biennial upgrades can potentially break it any time.  Without strong developer and technical support, Sandboxie clearly cannot survive this situation.

Is there any consensus yet on whether Sandboxie will rise from the ashes (perhaps under ownership of another for-profit company or a strong open-source group like Mozilla)?  Is it time to give up and move on (to what?)? -- jclarkw

  • Like you I am a very long term Sandboxie user. I have the mp3 file of Steve Gibson interviewing Ronen Tzur when S/B was introduced. And I run three computers running Windows Seven, which, I assure you, is NOT dead. I use Brave browser now [used Vivaldi for a few years], and since I have never used I.E., the typical 'critical updates' from uSoft have meant nothing to me. *I* will be running WIN7 in definitely...or at least until all three of my WIN7 machines actually die.

    My younger sister decided to go with WIN10, and she has had issues running Vivaldi in S/B 5.31.6. 

    To wit:  you 'MUST' not migrate to WIN10.  I personally know a few programmer types. I am not on a Luddite Crusade, I only ask for someone to tell me  *ONE* thing I'd gain by going to WIN10. They have not been able to.

    Hang in; let the 'end of the world lemmings' pass you by....

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    >>To wit:  you 'MUST' not migrate to WIN10.  I personally know a few programmer types. I am not on a Luddite Crusade, I only ask for someone to tell me  *ONE* thing I'd gain by going to WIN10. They have not been able to.<<


    William -- Thanks for your reply.  This is somewhat off topic, but, although what you say may well be correct (except, IMO, for the ongoing security updates, greatly improved Windows Search, and whatever else I find that I like...), I can't help asking what you have AGAINST Win10?  Do you have good reasons NOT to upgrade?  (I'm stuck on one new machine in any case because it came with Win10 Pro pre-installed, and I'm not inclined to purchase a licensed copy of Win7 Pro, even if I could find one, to install over that...) -- jclarkw

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    Umm..  Yup, sounds like you are up against it, for sure.  I tried a Trial version of '10' back a while ago. Other than seeming strange to me, I just, flat, did not need things like Cortana, etc. On that WIN7 'tower' PC all I had to do was run my Recovery Discs to get back on familiar footing.    What I have AGAINST WIN10 is...simply...no desire to learn a new OS. Where stuff is, etc, and, the relayed into from Lil Sis that Sandboxie doesn't seem to run right for her on that '10' computer.  I consider Ronen to have given us a Full Body Internet Condom. In the first few months of using S/B I did a lot of 'bottom fishing', and [so far] NOTHING has ever gotten out of the 'Box, except what I invited out.    As a matter of fact, I could easily upgrade. Years ago I got tired of every six months tearing apart the 'puter and cleaning all five fans and heat sinks. I found H/P had a model of Lap-Top that came with a SSHD. Wet finger can't feel air at the old exhaust port! And, as a 'business' machine, it is...in it's electronic soul...WIN10, but came with WIN7 installed. Apparently the idea was a company '7' person would, sooner or later, go '10'  These jewels came with 7 and 10 discs. I did convert one to 10 once for a second try. Bah...put it back to Seven.

    I don't notice any slowness in Windows Search, but then I have been amazed at how much faster these L/T with SSHD are than any of the 'towers' with rotatry HDs I used to build.

    I heard Paul Thurott on Windows Weekly yesterday say how sweet his 'old' seven ran. He said he'd be running it for a month or two to 'see what happens'. I did catch something that implied SKYPE 'may' not work on seven anymore. Since I use that a lot with my kids and others...THAT could push me to do one of my three 7's into a '10'.

    Otherwise I just hate being muscled around for reasons nobody seems to be able to tell me. Oh, I recently heard Steve Gibson, who even wrote a little program called Never Ten, confess that he was going to slide into '10'....but he is a PRO, and said he knew how to clean out the 'bloat-ware', etc....to make it RUN like his trusty old '7'

    Hope this windy Old Guy didn't waste your time....


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    William -- I hear you.  I do find the Win10 also boots MUCH faster, but that isn't a fair comparison, since it has SSD drives compared to my older (2013, and slower) Win7 machine.  (I'll find out for sure when I upgrade my older machine to Win10 Pro as well, but honestly, so far I don't find it that confusing switching back and forth.  Now a touch-screen machine with Win10 WOULD require new chops...  The new versions of Office with the new machine, not tried yet, will probably be much more of a shock!)  For what it's worth, a decent book (or browsing through the Settings menus in Win10) will tell you how to turn off nearly everything you don't want.  I turned off Cortana right away, and also direct search to the Web, which probably uses Edge!

    I did read that the latest version of Sandboxie (they're apparently still updating it!) is supposed to run fine with Win10, although I have yet to load it up.  Next task before I do any Web surfing...

    Anyhow, if you're happy, that's what matters most!  Best Regards -- jclarkw

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    Thanks. Yes, I'm going to ride it out. Again, for me, a couple hours and I'd be up to date. Point of curiosity, when I did run '10', I could load and use my version of Microsoft Office 2003 !

    BUT...it's almost religion to me to not go On-Line without Sandboxie !!!!