accessing to Sophos Safeguard encrypted files


I am going to access encrypted files on a Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 6.00.x encrypted hdd to copy them (decrypted to a normal USB-Stick).

That is why I have expanded the hdd from the Sophos proctected Notebook (running Windows 7 Professional with Safeguard 6.00.x and pluged the now external hdd via USB-adapter to my own tablet (running only Windows 10).

Which Sophos product (maybe Safeguard 8 trial and which component from all those installers?) do I have to install now on my tablet that I am able to see the files on the encrypted hdd in my windows explorer?

Maybe third party software necessary? Do not want use Sophos SafeGuard for my own purposal, only to copy files for a client which whiches to get his personal files from the notebook of his boss to his private usb.

I was wondering if one let me further know which component of Safeguard 8 trial maybe I can use to access the encrypted drive (external HDD via USB) with the Microsoft Windows Explorer (Windows 10 Professional).

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  • Hello Dirk,

    My name's Toby Gunston from the Global Escalations Team, I hope you're well.

    If the files are encrypted with File Encryption then you'll need to do as follows:

    1. Install SafeGuard Enterprise on the host machine making sure that you select File Encryption to be installed
    2. Sync with the SafeGuard Server (don't forget to login though the SafeGuard tile)
    3. Assign the key the files were encrypted with to your user account
    4. With the key in your keyring you'll have access to the files on that disk

    If the files are simply on an encrypted disk then you'll need to:

    1. Plug the drive into a Windows 7 Pro machine
    2. Install SafeGuard Enterprise and install the SafeGuard Disk Encryption
    3. Assign the key the drive was encrypted with to yourself
    4. Assign this key to the drive via the slave and decrypt procedure
    5. Decrypt the volume (you may need additional policies applied to your machine from the SafeGuard Management Center such as the ability to decrypt)
    6. You should now have access to the disk

    If the files are encrypted with File Encryption and also on an encrypted drive then you'll need to go through both of the above.

    If you're not working within the customer's environment then they'll need to grant you access.

  • In reply to Toby_DataEncryption:

    So anyhow the only way is if the administrator of customers environments grants me personaly access? Customer came to me to get his own documents for private purposal to USB.

  • In reply to Dirk Lehmann:

    Not necessarily you personally, but that drive will need to be used in the customer's environment as it's tied digitially to their setup.

  • In reply to Toby_DataEncryption:

    So it's impossible to externaly serve a customer and customer needs to be served by personal in it´s environment. Even if customer knows his password to access his own data? I was wondering if you confirm this, in the name of Sophos, to me as hardwarereseller and service point to print out and handout this correspondence to the customer?

  • In reply to Toby_DataEncryption:

    I read this and more ot less the "Recovery_in_SafeGuard_Device_Encryption.pdf" and thought I am able to recover files to USB. So I would like to give customer his devices back. Please confirm therefore here, that it´s impossible from outside the customers environment to recover oder backup or copy files to USB, that I am able to handout this manufacturer information (handout this dialog to endcustomer) by giving back the devices today. Thank you and best regards.