How to know if the ad sync is proper or not in sgn

Hi team,

We just want to understand here

How we can identify if all selected active directory are synced with the SGN 8.1 or later safeguard.

Is there any report can we generate or another way

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    Please check under SafeGuard Enterprise Management Center and navigate to Tools> Options >Directory login which will show you details about LDAP authentication. During Active Directory synchronization, users are not automatically registered in SafeGuard Enterprise. Users who register during synchronization need to restart their computer after syncing to log on to SafeGuard Enterprise. You can go through this link and sublinks for more information regarding Active directory Sync and scheduling the task. 

  • Yes-  There's a few ways of seeing how AD has synced.

    Easiest way I would suggest is...


    Root - Synchronise - Select domain from dropdown. Search.


    Select/deselect Sync Memberships and user state


    Select OU's




    Info window will pop up showing changes.


    Also once completed - You can also click in the bottom left and it'll tell you if you have any errors/permissions issues reading/syncing AD.