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How to Export Users From V1 and Import Into V2

I do not see a user export from V1 that I could use to import into V2.  As of right now there are users in V2 that look like they are from my V1.  However they are missing vital information like First Name, Last Name, Manager, and the Group information.  Many of these users are not part of Active Directory, nor is that extra info like Manager.  Is this something that exists?  If not can you add an export from V1 to import to V2?  

  • Hi  

    Unfortunately a tool to manually export users from v1 to v2 is not available.

    However, an automated migration of users from Phish Threat v1 to Phish Threat v2 is being tentatively planned, however there is no ETA available yet. Please stay tuned as we will announce more information as it becomes available.