iOS update using MDM

Ive been reading so much doco and havent been able to find the answer, so posting here seems to be next option.


How do I update iOS using Sophos MDM? specifically:

1. "force" the device to update now (dont care if wifi or 4G)

2. Make the device update using wifi only when available

3. And also, block (stop) iOS the update.


Thank you in advance


  • Hi  

    This link should help you out pushing the latest iOS updates. This link should help you out in blocking over-the-air PKI updates and delaying iOS software update. AFAIK, Apple does not support updating over cellular data, but if you still wish to see this feature in Sophos Mobile, I would request you to raise a feature request.

  • Hey Pete,

    I can answer your 3rd point “Block (Stop) iOS Update”.

    You can Stop an iOS 12/ 11 Update easily by following a few steps. I had found the steps to stop an ongoing iOS 12/ 11 Update here:-

  • In reply to Yashraj:

    Thank you, that pointed me in the right direction.

    I understand that Apple doesn't support updating iOS over cellular data - im wanting to know if Sophos MDM can force an update (over any data method; wifi OR cellular)?

    - as we have many devices that wont be on wifi for months at a time, and require the update be over cellular (we dont care about the data usage).