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quick question to all of you - is the management of Apple TVs possible with Sophos Mobile Control? I guess not but the release notes to 9.6. might suggest otherwise (disable device sleep e.g. tvOS)

I was not able to find any other information on this. You might be able to help me wth this.



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    It is not possible to manage Apple TVs via Sophos Mobile control. You can choose to add iOS and tvOS devices to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager using Apple Configurator, even if the devices weren’t purchased directly from Apple, an Apple Authorized Reseller or an authorized cellular carrier. When you set up a device that has been manually enrolled, it behaves like any other enrolled device, with mandatory supervision and mobile device management (MDM) enrollment. Please vote for already raised feature request from here

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    Thank your for clarification on this matter. I was able to add the Apple TV to my business manager and it even showed up in SMC as iOS 13.4.6 device. But not much beyond that.

    I did however cast my vote on the mentioned feature request hoping to make a great product even better.

    Again thank you.

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    You are welcome and thank you for casting the vote.