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As it stands we use Samsung devices, this is a mix of mid-range handsets, with a few VIP's using S range devices. These have been OK to manage.  

We are in the process of renewing our mobile infrastructure and I was wondering what Android devices are compatible with Sophos Central Mobile so we can still get full functionality? Is there a list of devices/brands we can view to make the best decision for us. 

I have also noticed, that when I look at creating a new Android device policy, its showing that 'device policy' is a legacy feature, from an Admin point of view, when will this be phased out? What is the replacement for this? Does this mean we have to look at implementing Android Enterprise?

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Will Janes.  

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    Unfortunately, We do not have the list of the devices which are supported, but the supported OS versions: 

    • Android 5.x or later
    • iOS 11.x or later
    • Windows 10 Mobile, Mobile Enterprise
    • Windows 10 version 1511 or later (desktop OS)
    • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later
    • Chrome OS 77 or later. 

    Please check this document for setup of Sophos Mobile for your device. 

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    Thanks for the response. This isn't going to help me as I need to find out what devices work best, for example if I went out and bought 100 Motorola devices, okay, they may be on the correct version of Android, but will all the features within Sophos Mobile work? 


    Will Janes. 

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    I certainly understand your concern here, I would suggest you test features on the testing device first. Not all features are available on all device operating systems, versions, or device models. 

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    Hi Will Janes,

    as the way forward managing Android devices is Android Enterprise I highly recommend to move into that direction.

    Google has deprecated the old "Device Admin" management scenario and reduces the available functionality with every new Android version.
    For Android Enterprise the functionality should be the same on all the different Android devices.

    Google itself provide a list of certified Android Enterprise devices which you can find here:

    All of these devices work with Android Enterprise.

    Within the list however, you can also filter for "Android enterprise recommended" which is a special label where manufacturers guarantee to fulfill the requirements outlined on this page.

    Hope that helps.

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