Sophos Mobile Control Akku Verbrauch ist zu hoch

Hallo Support

Seit dem neusten Update von Sophos Mobile Control (9.0.3471), wird der Akku innerhalb weniger Stunden komplett leer gesaugt.

Wird die App deinstalliert, funktioniert der Akku wieder einwandfrei.

Kann man da was einstellen, das der Akku nicht so schnell leer ist?

Gruß Jörg


  • Hi Jörg Meißner,

    Could you please let us know if you are facing this on Android or iOS devices? Also, would it be possible to translate into English? We are not aware of any issues as such with the latest Mobile Control version like you described as of now. Can you please state your phone model?

  • In reply to Shweta:

    Hello Support

    The mobile model is SAMSUNG J3 (2017)

    The problem with the battery is with Sophos Secure Email.

    have today according to mobile phone battery life until now 29.9% battery consumed since this morning.

    Looking over 1 week liget consumption even at 259.9%

    The consumption of GMail is only 21.9% in a week.

    Only 2.1% per day


    The problem occurred to me since Sophos Control was updated to the new version.

    Previously, the phone has held for 2 days now only 1 day


    best regards


  • In reply to Jörg Meißner:

    Hi Jörg Meißner,

    It may be possible, that it can not connect to the mail server. A lot of battery is used if the device has a very bad 4G connection. I would suggest changing the following settings on the affected Samsung device and monitor when the battery is still empty: Connections -> Mobile networks> then switch from 4G / 3G / 2G network mode to 3G only. 

    In addition, you can change the following settings in the Sophos Secure Email app so that it does not connect so frequently to the server: 

    Enable "Battery Optimization" for Sophos Secure Email. Uncheck "Download attachments": Automatically download attachments to current messages over Wi-Fi.  Let me know how it goes.