Sophos antivirus for linux and net FIle System NFS

I am running Sophos Antivirus for Linux on Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon desktop with on-access scanning active. When Sophos antivirus on-access scanning is active it prevents me from copying files from the desktop computer to an NFS share with the message "operation not permitted". However, it will allow me to copy files from the NFS share to the desktop computer. Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

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    Linux Mint is not the supported OS for the Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux, so we may not be able to help you more on this. However, you can check the permission to that particular location and also check whether operations are working as expected without Sophos.

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    Hello Jasmin, thank you for responding. Regarding your two suggestions...

    The permissions are configured correctly.

    When I disable Sophos antivirus I can copy the files.

    When I enable Sophos antivirus I cannot copy the files.

    This would indicate to me that Sophos is the cause of the problem.

    Regarding supported distributions, Linux Mint is based on the Ubuntu which I understand is supported.


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    I understand your concern that Mint is based on Ubuntu but there are specific versions of Ubuntu which are only supported where Mint is not included. 

  • Hello Kenneth Cooper,

    Mint or not, perhaps can give some advice or tips on troubleshooting.


  • Hi Kenneth,


    The error message indicates that the problem was opening the local file, rather than anything on the NFS side. Operation not permitted is the error we give when we deny access because the file is infected, but could also be caused by problems while accessing the file.


    1. Can you open the file normally?

    2. What do the logs show? - syslog and savlog and sav-protect.log


    Possibly on-access is detecting something in the file?

    3. Run savscan <filename>


    If you can get the output/answers I might be able to explain what's happening.