Feature Request: Email appliance SPX encrypted email (PULL encrypted emails)

Sending on behalf of client:

Instead of having the SEA (push) send these encrypted emails and have them open the encrypted emails as a PDF we would like to see the email appliance keep hold of these emails and allow users to login/register with the SEA directly then view these emails. This way end users opening up the encrypted SPX emails will not have any issues viewing attachments when looking through a browser.

  • In reply to AimanAnsari:

    I'm unable to see the status of this request.  When I click on the link it says I don't have access.

  • Has there been any movement on this feature request?  My end users are really starting to grumble about how clunky SPX is.  Unfortunately they're looking for ways around it, which is not what we want.  My users usually include attachments with the emails and the far end people are having a hard time figuring out that you need to read the pdf in a reader, not the browser if you want to see the attachment.  They often forget their passwords which then invalidates any old correspondence.  Virtually every other secure email solution uses a pull based portal, which is what most users are comfortable with.  At the very least make it an option to use.