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Still no Hyper-V version of SEA

Can the community help out here?  Can people please bump this thread if they would use a Hyper-V appliance if they could.  I refuse to believe it is a hard or even costly exercise when the Appliance Operating System (FreeBSD) does support it.

  • Unfortunately this is not "just" the sea.. there are a lot of underlying considerations such as understanding between host/guest and what the appliance is specifically coded to accept.  (ie you cant change any hardware, and all of that hardware must exist exactly to specification)  

    the only thing I can suggest would be a hardware appliance in this case or depending on the company size.. use vmware workstation as a work around.. (its not recommended for production)


    Ultimately development will have to make the call if its possible to even do.

  • In reply to Red_Warrior:

    Thanks Red_Warrior,


    While I don't agree with you in the slightest, I appreciate your reply.

    Sophos do support Hyper-V in other products, but I guess it is hard to get the Top Brass to invest in ANY new features when they have 7 email filtering products to maintain.