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Report Forum Users?

I just received a PM from someone asking a very 'spam' like question, is there anyway to report it?  It seems like the account might be fake or have been hacked.

  • Hello jdobiash,

    occasionally I also get dubious PMs from dubious users. like a U.S. Army General with a Yandex (Russian) email address.
    I'd PM or , dunno of a better way. It#s be nice to have a contact or write only forum for such reports.


  • In reply to QC:

    Happens occasionally.  Check out my post here:

     there is a mods only group/forum if you need to post about users or the platform itself.

  • In reply to ruckus:

    Hello ruckus,

    there is a mods only group/forum
    thanks, but as it is mods only what can/should a mere user do? If I understand jdobiash correctly it's not about blocking PMs from unknown users (thus minimizing the chance of SPAM) but reporting dubious activity so that either others aren't also plagued by this user or the genuine owner can be informed of the compromise.


  • In reply to QC:

    Agreed the moderators group is for mods only.  When we upgrade to the next version of the community platform I believe there is a flag user option (hence the process can be: get a PM from a spammer > go to their profile > flag as abuse > mod/admin reviews user like you can for a post on a thread).  For now I'd suggest the options of:

    • Post here in the Community chat group (as done)
    • Or PM a mod (as you suggested)
  • In reply to QC:

    Just wondering what he was asking you? If it's not a secret xD

  • In reply to Carolyn Denton:

    Hello Carolyn Denton,

    wondering what he was asking you
    claimed to be a she ;). Just said Hi!, that she's an Army General, left the email address - no explicit invitation though IIRC.


  • In reply to QC:

    That's intriguing :) I would definitely write to her