Chrome slow after Adware clean up using Sophos Antivirus

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone might be able to help. I recently cleaned up my laptop using Sophos Anti-virus which highlighted some Adware/PUAs. I deleted these and immediately noticed that chrome became too slow. I can't access anything online as all the pages load endlessly while others that do eventually open like Gmail just crush after a shortwhile. Tried using another browser and the same thing happens.

Any ideas on how I might get chrome to work normally again?

Thank you!


  • Delete the browser history, all of it.

    That may help out.  Otherwise complete remove Chrome and reinstall.

  • In reply to bad robot:

    Thank you so much for your response. Very much appreciated. I just uninstalled and then re-installed Chrome and it's still the same:-(.

    Not sure what else to do.

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    In order to completely remove chrome and all user information you have to do more than uninstall typically, this varies by OS, if you are using Windows look at downing Revo Uninstaller,  there is a a free version at that link.  Then there is a tutorial here  this will remove all you personal data tied to chrome.  Chrome typically leaves your user data in place in your Users folder under App Data I believe, anyway I am guessing that Sophos killed off the adware but certain parts are left that are causing Chrome to run slower, basically its looking for them for a period then skipping them since they are no longer there.