Unable to activate mysophos account

Hey guys,

I am unable to activate my sophos account.

When I click on the activation link in the email, I get an blank sophos website.

I've also tried to access the mysophos link after I logged in, but I get an error 500 on the sophos website.

Are there problems on the sophos site actually?


  • Same here.

    Also download of UTM iso fails: After entering information for export regulations, I received an XML file with "Access denied".

  • Hi  

    Thank you for contacting us. Apologies for the delay. Can you kindly confirm if the issue is still present? Please DM me the ticket number if you have a support case created for the same with us.

  • Follow these steps

    1. Open two identical tabs for sophos website.
    2. Do your signin from one of them.
    3. When the white page appears, go to the other tab and refresh it.
    4. You will be logged in.