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is there a documentation on how to connect WIFI AP to existing network?

Is there any documentation on how to add a new WIFI AP that is managed by Sophos Central to an EXISTING network.

For eg.,

new AP is install as follows;

1. wire AP to SW

2. Configure SW port as Access port with VLAN 100 (WIFI VLAN) 

3. VLAN100 map to SW port10 (802.1q) that is connect to FW XGS port1.10 

4. Traffic is routed to Internet on FW XGS port1.10 so AP can register

The documentation that is shipped with AP is only for NEW environments, where there is no VLAN.

I found that if the AP is to be connected via VLAN, this installation is very complex and has to be done in 2 phase.

1 phase - register AP, using access port only

2 phase - apply config to AP ans assign to VLAN, this requires changing the AP> to> SW port from Access port to Trunk port.

Also, if the AP fails, replecment AP does not auto learn since it has no knowledge of the assigned management AP VLAN. 
Which means a complete repeat of fresh installation. This has to be fixed with Sophos.

Also, if Sophos AP needs tobe accessed via console, it need to uninstalled from the ceiling. Usually there is NO console cable connected to APs.

SOphos APs console should be remotely accessible without having to do this. Operations of APs is pain. Needs to be fixed.

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