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Web Control Policies on Windows 10

Hello everyone,

We've installed Windows 10 on a few test computers in our environment, and I am able to get Sophos installed, but web control policy does not seem to be functioning properly. Is this a known issue? How is it resolved?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Jak, it appears to be non-functional in the new Edge browser but functional in IE.


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  • Hi,

    Is that in all web browsers (IE,FF,Chrome) for just the new Edge browser?

    Also, are you using; Sophos Cloud or on-premise using full (UTM/Web applicance) or basic?  

    What version of Sophos is installed?



  • We have discovered the same issue with Edge, IE and Chrome block the Sophos test page as expected.

    Jak, we are using on-premise full web control with a Web-appliance and SAV 10.3.15 is installed.
  • Just evaluating Windows 10 and Sophos EndPoint 10.3. Seems that web control doesn't work in Edge but does in IE.

    Also it seems that enabling the default webcontrol policy also kills Cortana.
  • Edge support is included in the forthcoming 10.6.x release, we had some unrelated issues which delayed this release, we are planning to get this new version out in January. I can't comment on the Cortana issue though, first I have heard about that.